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If, like me , you are a professional  welder,then you are probably already aware that not all inverters have the same characteristics.
In this article I will explain what I mean.

I use low hydrogen electrodes every day and some of these rods can be "pigs" to use. They can be almost unusable if you are trying to weld with an unsuitable inverter. You wouldn't believe the difference in the rods if you have a decent welder, their characteristics change completely.

The really good inverters have all kinds of technology inside them which help the rods strike correctly and keep the arc very stable. This makes such a difference to the outcome of a job when you know it's going well and it looks great when it's finished.

So which type of inverter should you look for?

There are many makes and models of the modern inverter arc welders available today. They range from the cheapest far eastern imports up to the all singing and dancing TIG / Stick combos.  These can be more geared to TIG but are accomplished arc welders too. They can cost upwards of £2000 but they are TIG welders primarily.

If you are looking for a good inverter for everyday professional use then there are a couple I can recommend.
The Kemppi Evo Minarc 150 & the Lincoln Electric Invertec 150s. These are similar in their spec and I have used both. They both cost about £500 but you get what you pay for in this world.

My current welder is the Kemppi Evo Minarc150 and I love it! It's a 240V model and although you can get the 110V version (Evo Minarc 151) bear in mind you will need a heavy 5KVA transformer to run it properly.
These transformers will have, either a 16A blue plug or a red 32A plug. The power supplies can be scarce to find on a site so be careful when choosing which voltage model to buy.

Most companies will allow you to use a 240V on site providing you use an RCD at the plug end.

Incidentally, we have both of these inverters for sale in our shop.

Happy welding!


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