Article: We explain the different types of SDS Drill Bit designs.

The SDS model variations are easy to understand and I have explained them below.
The original SDS design was developed by Bosch in the 1970’s and is a quick release concept which enables the user to just insert the drill into a snap in clutch. The concept was designed to provide a more efficient system of delivering a hammer blow to the end of a drill bit whilst it was rotating but without have to impact on the chuck. Because of the machined hollowed out section in the shank end of the drill, the bit is able to move to and fro freely but within limits, when struck by the continuous hammer mechanism in the drill body. There are also two slots which are machined opposite one another to lock bit into position. This whole concept makes for a far more comfortable working environment for the user and less wear and tear in the chuck.


These drills are 10mm diameter at the chuck end.

Here is a typical SDS standard drill showing the two slots opposite one another to lock the drill in position in the chuck and the hollowed out section which allows movement in and out whilst the bit is being hammered.




This is the first SDS Standard logo.




The later SDS plus is an improvement at the shank end and they are fully interchangeable with the original SDS drill bits.


This is the SDS Plus logo.




The much bigger SDS Max drill bits are designed for bigger holes and are much heavier in design. The principle difference is the fact that they are 19mm diameter at the chuck end and a slightly different configuration on the slotting arrangement. If your drill is an SDS model you will not be able to fit the SDS max bits into the chuck. You will need to buy the correct drill with an SDS Max chuck to suit your requirements.



This is the SDS Max Logo

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    Max SDS Logo

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