Which is the best make of welder to buy?

That is a question that I get asked more and more these days and with a market place bursting with makes and models from all over the world it might seem daunting for a beginner to have to choose from.
I have used many Kemppi machines over the years and always found them extremely reliable and tough while able to perform in the environment that they were designed for.
I've been a welder ever since 1978 when I had a small arc welder for my Christmas present. Don't get me wrong and think " that was a strange present to give a 17 year old boy". It was just what I had wished for and it spawned my trade and livelyhood from then onwards. "Thanks Santa".

Some interesting facts about Kemppi:

Kemppi's business operations which now cover the entire world are still led from the head office in Lahti, Finland. In addition to their sales and administration operation, the unit in Okeroinen has a research and product development department and modern manufacturing facility including a new electronics factory built in 2009.

Globally Kemppi has 630 employees ensuring the continuous supply of high quality products as well as a superb customer service section. By producing exceptional quality products and services, Kemppi demonstrates the value it places on ensuring that it's customers enjoy welding, both during the process and when viewing the results. That is their customer promise: "The Joy of Welding".


Some Important milestones (taken from the Kemppi.com web site)


1949 Veljekset Kemppi Oy (‘Partnership Brothers Kemppi’) was founded in Lahti, Finland.
1951 New production facilities were acquired from Lahti's Pekanmäki due to increased demand.

1955 Veljekset Kemppi Oy began product exports when the first orders were received from Turkey.
1960 Kemppi brought its first MIG/MAG welding machine to the market in the mid-’60's
1968 Kemppi introduced the thyristor-controlled Tylarc power source.
1968 The name 'Veljekset Kemppi Oy' was changed to 'Kemppi Oy'.
1968 Kemppi received the Finnish President's Export Award.
1972 The founder of the company, Martti Kemppi, was nominated industrial counselor
1972 Kemppi established its first subsidiary, in Sweden.
1977 Kemppi's Hilarc product family introduced the world's first welding inverters.
1978 Kemppi's exports exceeded domestic sales.
1981 Kemppi brought to the market the multi process welding system called Multisystem, based on second-      generation inverter technology.
1986 Kemppi received the Finnish Quality Award of Excellence Finland.
1990 Kemppi was the first manufacturer of welding machines in the world to be awarded the ISO 9001 quality certificate.
1993 Kemppi was one of the world’s first equipment manufacturers to move from analogue to digital with its Kemppi Pro system.
1997 Kemppi brought the Mastertig AC/DC welding machines, utilising the latest digital control technology, to the market.
2001 Kemppi introduced the Isolated Cooling System, the ICS™ solution, which improves the reliability of welding machines.
2001 Kemppi’s Hilarc 250 was presented at the history exhibition in Essen Welding Fair as one of the most important milestones in the development of welding technology.
2001 The one-millionth welding machine manufactured by Kemppi was the Master MLS 2500, which was donated to the Finnish Red Cross on 23rd November 2001.
2001 Kemppi was awarded the ISO 14001 environmental management certificate.
2001 Kemppi launched the Multi Logic System, or MLS™ system, to meet the need for high-quality user interfaces.
2004 The European Organization for Nuclear Research, CERN, ordered 200 special power sources for the new LHC particle accelerator from Kempower.
2005 Chairman of the Board Jouko Kemppi was selected as Businessman of the Year in Finland for 2005.
2006 Kemppi's MinarcMig™ Adaptive 180 received the international red dot design award.
2009 Kemppi's FitWeld 300 and SuperSnake received honourable mentions from the international red dot design award competition jury.
2010 Kemppi DataStore concept wins the Quality Innovation of the Year 2010 award, presented by president of Finland Tarja Halonen.

So you can see from the activity listed above that Kemppi are a pro active company, constantly striving to improve and develop new techniques and processes in the world of welding. They really are involved at "the hot end" of welding and are about to bring out a whole new range of machines bristling with innovative ideas.
Together with the (WPS) Welding Procedure Specifications packages due shortly and the currently available ArcQ 2.0 system for monitoring and storing the quality assurance side of welding there isn't much left to do.
So when the next person asks me which welder to consider.. Guess what I'm going to say...
Kemppi of course!!!

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