Why buy a Kemppi welder from HG Coded Welding

We have been involved in and around the welding industry for 35 years now so we feel we know what we are talking about when it comes to choosing a reliable good quality welding machine.
HG Coded Welding are official "Bona Fide" Kemppi dealers with the full backing of Kemppi behind us. We can arrange official demonstrations of Kemppi equipment at your premises to showcase the latest products and innovations that are constantly being developed.
See the video about the Kemppi ArcQ2.0 system

Our philosophy when it comes to selling Kemppi equipment is to offer our customers the correct products at the best value.
All of our prices are transparent in so far as our customers can see exactly what they are getting.
You might have noticed that some companies are offering deals whereby some of the main components needed to weld are offered as extras and not included in the price. Others offer cheaper, non Kemppi products in a deal that is not obvious to the buyer.
"ALL" of our Kemppi deals include genuine Kemppi products and our "What's in the box" section clearly lays out our offers so our customers can have total peace of mind when it comes to value,quality and warranty.
We are also full members of The Association of Welding Distribution which is an organization dedicated to promoting honesty and best practice in the field of welding equipment sales.

The above items special deal bundles can be found in our online welding and tools shop


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