Why Tuffking? No More Ugly Work Foot wear!


Tuffking Beautifully Designed Strong Secure Comfortable and Fashionable For Men and Women.

All Tuffking footwear is hard wearing, safe and secure.
HGcodedwelding.com now offer the TuffKing Safety Boot collection here in our Online Shop Supplies & Tools Store.  (See Our Complete Foot Wear Range)
Many styles including chukka boots, safety trainers and rigger boots are now available in the TuffKing range.
HGcodedwelding.com now offer a huge variety of very high quality safety shoes and boots such as fire fighting boots, ladies safety shoes, lightweight safety shoes, rigger boots and general safety footwear..

Tuffking have cleverly introduced novelty into their design to project the brand into the forefront of the work place without sacrificing safety, fashion or comfort.
Regulations brought about by tightening health and safety standards now mean that the wearing of exacting safety footwear in the UK is sometimes a legal requirement.  In years gone by, the footwear was often extremely heavy and uncomfortable to wear. Fashion was definitely not on the list of requirements and often the boots would be inflexible and actually damage the very feet they were intended to protect.

With today’s Tuffking range, you can enjoy an ultra safe and modern, fashionable design in luxurious comfort.
Many of the boots and shoes in the range have the benefit of a zero VAT rate so you can save even more money. Even the ones that are standard rate VAT are still offered at extremely competitive rates.
We can offer bulk discount rates on any of the range so you can afford to kit out all your staff.
Check out our new range of exciting and fashionable work wear too.
We would love to hear from you so please contact us with your requirements.

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