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Christmas Bundles and Special Offer Deals

Wednesday, October 16, 2013
by Hugh Gibson
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Christmas Bundles and Special Offer Deals

Our Christmas special offer deals are ready for you!--Check them out on the landing page of our online shop.
Great deals on Hitachi and HGWorkwear together with our welding equipment.

These "Bundles" represent exceptional value for money and would make a great Christmas present for the budding welder in the family. Great quality at an affordable price!

We have carefully selected the products that we trust so that you can have many years of service from them.
Nobody likes a bargain when it breaks after just a few days so have faith in our selections.
Most of the products come with good warranties so you can have peace of mind.

I remember Christmas when I was 16 and had a little arc welder as my main present. Thirty six years later and I am still welding as a profession.

You never Know??

Promotional Bundle Offer

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