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Kemppi Welding Procedure Specifications Implementation Of EN1090

Saturday, November 16, 2013
by Hugh Gibson

The implementation of EN1090 in July 2014 &  Welding Procedure Specifications. Kemppi Welding Equipment.

If you are in the welding business involved in making steel buildings then I am sure that you are already aware of the changes that are coming our way in July 2014 regarding welding structural steelwork and EN 1090.

As well as their superb range of welding equipment, Kemppi have developed a machine mounted scanner and software designed to keep track of all the important components that go towards compiling a quality assurance  set up for monitoring the welding processes during construction of a steel building etc.

Basically it involves the welder/operator scanning a barcode that he or she wears, then they scan a barcode on  a “weld procedure specification” document, then a barcode on the MIG wire in the welder, then the same on the  shielding gas and then the voltage and current settings on the machine.

All this data is wirelessly sent to the production office (or anywhere you specify) where it is monitored live on screen and can be stored for QA purposes.

Kemppi are also developing a whole series of weld procedures which will be available to purchase early 2014.
Below is a link that takes you straight to the relevant 32 page document that is currently only available online on Kemppi’s main website. Kemppi.com

Please have a look at it as I’m sure you will find it very interesting!
We are “Bona Fide” agents for Kemppi and we are able to compete on price for anything that is available from their main product brochure and these new developments.

If you are interested in this exciting development or any new equipment, we can arrange an official  “Kemppi” demo, on your premises, to suit your requirements.

Please contact us and we will do our best for you.