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Why Buy a Welding Bundle Package from HG Coded Welding?

Sunday, October 13, 2013
by Hugh Gibson
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Why Buy a Welding Bundle Package from HG Coded Welding?

Our welder bundles have all been carefully chosen to include products that are rigorously tested to ensure that the products that we send out are of the highest quality and reliability.
The inverter range from one of our suppliers, (Weldability-SIF), is just a case in point. We wanted to find you a reliable.

Machines that has been around for ages and that we are confident in when it comes to needing spare parts. 

There is little point going after the cheapest model from the far east that might break down and leave our customers unable to source parts or repairs. We see this happening out in the market place and it doesn't have to be you that ends up with "the nasty taste in the mouth" if it all goes wrong. 

Weldability stock all the parts that you are ever likely to need. They have done all the hard work,out sourcing from the far east so we would be able to help you with our ongoing customer after sales to ensure that you are looked after properly as you would expect. 

Check out their web site if you like.. As we are bona fide distributors of their products, if you see something that you want a price on , please email us and we will help you. www.Weldability-SiF.co.uk

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