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Kemppi Welding Procedure Specification (WPS)

Saturday, April 12, 2014
by Hugh Gibson

Kemppi Welding Procedure Specification (WPS)


Kemppi have come to our rescue!

Kemppi have been working away over the last few months and years and have come up with a solution which is fully compliant in the WPS field.

They are offering 3 separate WPS packages. More Details Here
Packages are available on this site here

WPS = Welding Procedure Specification


This means a written procedure telling the welder/ operator which type of welding rod or MIG wire to use for a certain type of welding joint. It will also be specific in the type of parent metal being welded and the thickness of the same.

You don't have to spend a fortune on safety boots

Sunday, December 15, 2013
by Hugh Gibson

You don't have to spend a fortune on safety boots


We have been selling a huge range of safety footwear in our online shop for about six months.
Have a look around and you'll see what I mean.
My trade dictates that I must wear safety boots when I am at work so I thought that I ought to wear the very boots that I sell. Of course the choice was vast so I thought the best thing to do was to wear  and thoroughly test the cheapest pair of boots in the shop.
I chose the "Tuffking" Black leather Chuka boot. It sells in our shop at an incredible £12.46 ( NO VAT).
I have worn these boots every day for the last four months and really given them a hard time. As a welder they are subjected to some pretty rough treatment and regularly get hot sparks and welding spatter over them. Also I kneel down a lot and so the toes get a pounding, rubbing over concrete floors etc. They are generous in their width fitting so they were comfortable from the start. No rubbing.

Well I can honestly say with hand on heart that they have stood the test of time remarkably. The laces have burned through a couple of times as you would expect if you were welding while wearing them.
Apart from that and a burn imprint in the sole when I stood on a piece of recently cut steel, they are in very good shape.

I don't think that there is anything out there for the money that can match them. All the stitching is intact and the toes show no signs of wear.
The padding around the ankle is still in one piece and they are still waterproof.


What more could you ask from a pair of safety boots costing £12.46?? Check them out!

Kemppi Welding Procedure Specifications Implementation Of EN1090

Saturday, November 16, 2013
by Hugh Gibson

The implementation of EN1090 in July 2014 &  Welding Procedure Specifications. Kemppi Welding Equipment.

If you are in the welding business involved in making steel buildings then I am sure that you are already aware of the changes that are coming our way in July 2014 regarding welding structural steelwork and EN 1090.

As well as their superb range of welding equipment, Kemppi have developed a machine mounted scanner and software designed to keep track of all the important components that go towards compiling a quality assurance  set up for monitoring the welding processes during construction of a steel building etc.

Basically it involves the welder/operator scanning a barcode that he or she wears, then they scan a barcode on  a “weld procedure specification” document, then a barcode on the MIG wire in the welder, then the same on the  shielding gas and then the voltage and current settings on the machine.

All this data is wirelessly sent to the production office (or anywhere you specify) where it is monitored live on screen and can be stored for QA purposes.

Kemppi are also developing a whole series of weld procedures which will be available to purchase early 2014.
Below is a link that takes you straight to the relevant 32 page document that is currently only available online on Kemppi’s main website. Kemppi.com

Please have a look at it as I’m sure you will find it very interesting!
We are “Bona Fide” agents for Kemppi and we are able to compete on price for anything that is available from their main product brochure and these new developments.

If you are interested in this exciting development or any new equipment, we can arrange an official  “Kemppi” demo, on your premises, to suit your requirements.

Please contact us and we will do our best for you.

Welding-Interpretation of EN 1090 What is it all about?

Saturday, November 16, 2013
by Hugh Gibson

My interpretation of EN 1090.  What is it all about?

The EN 1090 standard that is being implemented by July 2014 is a European standard that regulates the fabrication and assembly of Steel and Aluminium structures. It is intended to bring a tighter control of welding practices and proceedures for those companies involved in producing any structural welded products.

Welders will have to be coded in a relavent process and proceedure.(see article on welding codes)
The company will also have to hold relavent Welding Proceedure Specifications (WPS)

EN 1090 comprises 3 parts hence EN 1090-1, EN 1090-2 & EN 1090-3.

EN 1090-1 relates to: Requirements for Conformity assesment for structural components. ie CE Marking.

EN 1090-2 relates to: Technical requirements relating to the execution of steel structures.

EN 1090-3 relates to: Technical requirements relating to the execution of Aluminium structures.
More detail on EN 1090-2.


1. Welds are usually specified on a drawing with symbols in accordance with a relavent standard.
Because welding is a specialist activity, it should only be carried out by trained and qualified personel.
All welding must be carried out in accordance with a Weld Proceedure Specification (WPS). This WPS should have been based on a Weld Proceedure Test and carried out in accordance with the relavent standards.

2. Welding must only be carried out by personel qualified for the particular type of work in accordance with the relavent standards. All welds must then be inspected and a number of them should be tested as detailed in the NSSS.(see below)

Adhereing to the reference standards should ensure that the welding is completed with no welding defects present.

NSSS. The National Structural Steelwork Specification for building construction. It was developed over many years by the industry to promote best practice when designing and calculating specifications for construction steelwork.

Main topics covered in the NSSS are;

# Information required by the steel work contractor:
# Materials:
# Informatio:n provided by the steel work contractor
# Workmans:hip
# Welding:
# Bolting:
# Fabricat:ion accuracy
# Erection:
# Erection accuracy:
# Protective treatment of steel work:

Christmas Bundles and Special Offer Deals

Wednesday, October 16, 2013
by Hugh Gibson

Christmas Bundles and Special Offer Deals

Our Christmas special offer deals are ready for you!--Check them out on the landing page of our online shop.
Great deals on Hitachi and HGWorkwear together with our welding equipment.

These "Bundles" represent exceptional value for money and would make a great Christmas present for the budding welder in the family. Great quality at an affordable price!

We have carefully selected the products that we trust so that you can have many years of service from them.
Nobody likes a bargain when it breaks after just a few days so have faith in our selections.
Most of the products come with good warranties so you can have peace of mind.

I remember Christmas when I was 16 and had a little arc welder as my main present. Thirty six years later and I am still welding as a profession.

You never Know??

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The Cordless Welder!

Sunday, October 13, 2013
by Hugh Gibson

The Cordless Welder!

It's coming soon!!- Unvieled at The Essen Welding Exhibition 2013 

German company Fronius have developed a cordless welder which will be on sale in the UK very soon. 

We will bring you all the news as soon as we can but it looks as if you will be able to weld with 6 x 3.2mm electrodes or 18 x2.5mm electrodes on one full charge. More rods could be possible using a small 2KW generator. The machine is expected to weigh in at around 12kg. 

 More as soon as we know   Check out their web site www.fronius.com/

I can't break my Hitachi grinder!

Sunday, October 13, 2013
by Hugh Gibson

I can't break my Hitachi grinder! 

 I use the tools that I sell in my on line shop and I've been using the Hitachi G12SS grinder almost every day in my line of work as a professional welder. 

The model I use for a grinderette is the baby of the 115mm range. It gets a pounding most days and although it is now over 12 months old and the brushes could do with replacing, it just keeps going and going.
Sometimes you can't hold it for too long without gauntlets on as the body is too hot. This is because I am pushing it using a flap disc to remove excess material. 
I seem to remember buying a cheap far eastern grinder about 5 years ago for about £20. It lasted about 20 minutes before smoke started to pour out of the body and then it died. I did return it to the shop where I was offered a replacement but thought that it would just be a waste of my time to do another.
 I just got back my money and left. 

 Now when you consider that I am selling these little Hitachi beauties for just shy of £30 you can appreciate just what exceptional value they are. The newer models that are now in the range also come with a 3 year extended warranty from Hitachi!! It really is a "No Brainer" as they say......

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Why Buy a Welding Bundle Package from HG Coded Welding?

Sunday, October 13, 2013
by Hugh Gibson

Why Buy a Welding Bundle Package from HG Coded Welding?

Our welder bundles have all been carefully chosen to include products that are rigorously tested to ensure that the products that we send out are of the highest quality and reliability.
The inverter range from one of our suppliers, (Weldability-SIF), is just a case in point. We wanted to find you a reliable.

Machines that has been around for ages and that we are confident in when it comes to needing spare parts. 

There is little point going after the cheapest model from the far east that might break down and leave our customers unable to source parts or repairs. We see this happening out in the market place and it doesn't have to be you that ends up with "the nasty taste in the mouth" if it all goes wrong. 

Weldability stock all the parts that you are ever likely to need. They have done all the hard work,out sourcing from the far east so we would be able to help you with our ongoing customer after sales to ensure that you are looked after properly as you would expect. 

Check out their web site if you like.. As we are bona fide distributors of their products, if you see something that you want a price on , please email us and we will help you. www.Weldability-SiF.co.uk

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Hitachi Does It Again!

Tuesday, October 08, 2013
by Hugh Gibson
Hitachi does it again! The New 5.0ah Lion Batteries.

Hitachi Power Tools have just "upped the anti" with their new 5.0Ah Li-ion batteries for the 18volt  cordless tool range.
This is a huge leap forward over the competition and the batteries are the same weight as the 3.0Ah and 4.0Ah range.
They are claiming that the 5.0Ah battery will last twice as long as the old 3.0Ah in run time tests.This is a big bonus to
all the trades people using cordless tools.
The excellent 3 year warranty that was introduced in the 4.0Ah range last year will of course also apply to the new 5.0Ah


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Hitachi Does It Again and Again! New Warranty Announcement

Tuesday, October 08, 2013
by Hugh Gibson
Hitachi does it again and again! New Warranty Announcement

Hitachi Power Tools have just announced that all their electrical power tool (mains) are to be covered by the same
3 year warranty as their excellent 18volt 4.0Ah and 5.0Ah cordless tools and batteries.
This scheme will operate much the same way as the cordless scheme where by the end user will have to register the
purchase of their new tool with Hitachi who will then extend the basic12 month warranty by the extra 2 years.
In my opinion, this is a true test of their confidence in their products and offers the end user superb peace of mind

and inspires confidence.

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