I can’t break my Hitachi grinder!


 I use the tools that I sell in my on line shop and I’ve been using the Hitachi G12SS grinder almost every day in my line of work as a professional welder. 

Hitachi G12SS Grinder

The model I use for a grinderette is the baby of the 115mm range. It gets a pounding most days and although it is now over 12 months old and the brushes could do with replacing, it just keeps going and going.
Sometimes you can’t hold it for too long without gauntlets on as the body is too hot. This is because I am pushing it using a flap disc to remove excess material. 
I seem to remember buying a cheap far eastern grinder about 5 years ago for about £20. It lasted about 20 minutes before smoke started to pour out of the body and then it died. I did return it to the shop where I was offered a replacement but thought that it would just be a waste of my time to do another.
 I just got back my money and left. 

 Now when you consider that I am selling these little Hitachi beauties for just shy of £30 you can appreciate just what exceptional value they are. The newer models that are now in the range also come with a 3 year extended warranty from Hitachi!! It really is a “No Brainer” as they say……