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Welcome To The Articles Section Here on this site we aim to help and advise everything to do with welding, primarily coded welding.

We give our advise and information on Welding, Welders, Power Tools, and general helpful information, so we hope that you will find them infomative..

Here is information about the tools that we use ourselves on a daily basis and so are fully recommended.

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We have compiled many helpful and informative Welding and Power tools articles these can be found on this site.

Disclaimer: Please note that these are my own personal opinions and are not meant to offer advice.

How Do We Define Coded Welding or Code Welding?
Find the sweet spot on the MIG

For those of you who are new to MIG welding and who might be struggling to set the welder up to achieve a good result...  Read More

What is a Welding Procedure Specification (WPS)
You don't have to spend a fortune on safety boots
A Kemppi Welder Could Save You a Small Fortune
Kemppi Supersnake
How an Auto-Darkening welding helmet works
Using the Hitachi G12SS grinder- 115mm 240v

Hitachi G12SS grinder- 115mm 240v

I’ve Been A Professional Welder Since 1989 And I Use The G12SS Hitachi Almost Daily In My Business. Read more.........

Should we all be using Comet J50N welding rods?
How to sharpen a steel drill bit
Using the ELGA Cromarod 312 Dissimilar electrodes
MIG welding or Stick welding?
Ask Me A Question?
Flap discs can vary in price and quality
Harris gas cutting and heating gear is the best I've used
What Cordless Tool Battery?
Keep your MIG wire dry
Hitachi DV18DSDL Combo Drill

Hitachi DV18DSDL Combo Drill with new 4.0Ah Lion Battery FABULOUS!

Well, what can I say about this beauty from Hitachi. ....Read more.....

Which Auto-Darkening welding helmet?
Which Generator welders?
Acetylene or Propane gas?
Buy the best inverter welder
Which is the best make of welder to buy?
What is EN ISO 9606-1
Welding Secrets: Look After Your Health & Safety!
Use a Meddings drill in your workshop
The “Jasic” effect
Plasma Cutting Dangers Using A Hand held Machine
My interpretation of EN 1090. What is it all about?
Fume extractors when welding should be your best friends!
Forklift Trucks- Welding Modifications
The Classification of Welding Electrodes
Change The Cover Screens In Your Welding Mask
Different Types of SDS Drill Bit Designs
Welding set Calibration Service and Proceedures in accordance with BS 7570
When it’s too late, It’s too late

Many of us are budding car mechanics or interested in restoring and customizing cars..... Read More