Choosing a Kemppi could save you a small fortune in electricity charges over a year!

Just by choosing one Kemppi FastMIG 400 welding MIG machine over another make in your workshop could save you a small fortune over a year.
It is a subject that normally gets overlooked but it should be taken into consideration with the cost of electric bills spiraling upwards.

Look at the table below and see for yourself.

KW per day
KW per Week   Cost £ per weekCost £ per year
 Lincoln Electric  420c
 57.1KW 285.5KW
 £42.83 £2065.00
 37.3KW186.5KW £27.98 £1342.80
Miller 402 Deltaweld
 42.5KW 212.5KW£31.88£1342.80
Kemppi FastMIG KM 400

As you can see there is a considerable difference between the running costs of the four machines chosen.

Based on a (5 day week) and (48 working weeks per year) the figures begin to stack up. These costs per week and per year have been based on current electricity business rates of £0.15 per KWH

So you can see that there is a potential saving of just over £1000.00 per year by choosing a Kemppi over the most expensive machine to run.

In fact at todays prices the Kemppi would pay for itself in just over 2 years! May be even less time if the price of energy keeps going up!
As with all my articles, I encourage you to do your own research into these subjects. These articles are my own point of view and are not intended to be advice in any way.
Food for thought?? 

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