Change The Cover Screens In Your Welding Mask

Replace the plastic cover screens in your welding mask regularly!

You would be amazed how many welding collegues I know that are too tight to change the throw away
cover screens on each side of the reactive lens on their welding masks.

If you buy them in the multi packs, they don’t work out too expensive but they will make a huge difference
to how much more you can see and consequently, how much better you can weld. Take care that there is
no grinding dust or debris between the inner reactive lens and the throw away screen as this might scratch
the inner screen and damage it permanently. Try to carefully clean the inner surface before fitting a new
cover screen. Another good tip if you are using a solar powered head shield is to ensure that the little light
sensors that trigger the lens are clean before you replace the front outer cover screen. They are usually the
little round shapes about 5mm diameter in the corners.
Now you have changed the cover screens you are ready to try it out.  Wow!   What a difference!

A few months back I was reading a forum page and this guy was nervous about his welding test the following
day. He was asking if there was anything he should do before his test. My reply to him was to say “change
the cover screens in your mask” You need all the advantage you can get when you are taking a test so it
makes sense to see properly. 

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