Flap discs can vary in price and quality enormously

Flap discs are the same shape as a grinding disc but are made up of lots of overlapping layers of a material similar to emery tape.

Flap disc

There seems to be thousands of makes and sizes of the flap disc on the market at the moment. To someone new to the industry it must seem totally confusing but don’t worry. Help is at hand.

I’ve been in the welding trade for more than 25 years now and use these flap discs daily in my work. Some have been expensive and lasted only a short time where as others last for ages but seem to glaze up and become clogged so they don’t remove much material.

The trick is to find a good make that offers a good price and performs a reasonable length of time. They need to keep removing material all the way through their short lifetime until they have worn themselves away.

A lot also depends on the size and power of your small grinder. A cheap model may sound good but the speed can be slow and that means your flap disc will wear out prematurely.

You should expect to pay anything between £0.90 ea to £1.50ea but not more for a reasonable 115mm 40grit flap disc

I have some discs for sale in the online shop made by 3M which are about as good as you will get. I am going to be stocking a couple of ranges shortly so you can have a choice.

Also I’m going to sell a range of cutting discs ,grinding discs etc so keep a look out!

 As with all my articles, I encourage you to do your own research into these subjects. These articles are my own point of view and are not intended to be advice in any way.

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