Harris gas cutting and heating gear is the best

25 years in the trade and still using the Harris brand of gas cutting and heating equipment.

Harris Kit

I know it’s American but they make really good quality gear. I’ve been using their propane heating & cutting torches for ever!

I don’t understand why anybody would want to use Oxy-Acetylene these days. You have got the worry about the UXB which is the bottle of Acetylene and believe me they are a bomb waiting to go off. You are much safer using propane plus the benefit of having no bottle rental on your cylinder.

The Harris range of torches are purpose made to be used with propane gas and have a special mixer valve in the head which gives a really quick heat up and maintains cutting. The gas guages are really robust too giving years of trouble free use.

I use them every day and I can thoroughly recommend them to you. I sell the complete range in my on line shop too !

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