Keep your MIG wire dry

If you have just got yourself a nice new MIG welder and have got it set up with a new roll of wire and a full bottle of gas. 
You set off and after some minor adjustments its turning out ok. You are quite pleased with yourself.

Don’t make the same mistake that I made on my first outing to MIG land.

When you’ve finished, make sure that you turn off the gas bottle otherwise you might find that it’s all leaked away by the next time you want to use it. Also put a plastic bag over the MIG wire reel if you can. Sometimes you’ll find that condensation forms on the wire and if it rusts. If you try to use it, the rust will rub off and the dust will choke the liner in the torch. This will in turn slow down the wire speed and then the wire will burn onto the tip in the torch and you’ll be all frustrated.

Look after your gear and it will look after you!

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