Kemppi SuperSnake

The ultimate way to extend the distance between your welding machine and the work piece.
Available for fitment on Kemppi FastMIG KMS, FastMIG Pulse and the new FastMIG X series machines.

There are a few ways to get more range when welding with a MIG machine. The usual way is either to move the actual welder as close to the job as possible or to use a long inter-connect between the power source and the wire feed unit.

Line drawing Kemppi supersnake

Now there’s a much better way.
The SuperSnake from Kemppi is a revolutionary way to extend the reach of the welding torch. It is a device that simply plugs into the Mig torch euro socket  on the front of the wire feed unit.

The SuperSnake is available in a range of working lengths from 10m,15m,20m and 25m and in air cooled or water cooled mig torch variations. It has a male Euro plug similar to a MIG gun on one end and a female euro socket at the other end. Also at this end is an integral 2 roll wire feed drive. When combined and synced with the main wire feed unit this acts in a similar fashion to the “push-pull” wire drives.
An option on a MIG torch can be added to the set up which enables the operator to adjust the wire  speed and power settings at theMIG torch end. Special fitting RMT10 device is required to fit PMT range.

Kemppi SuperSnake (Air Cooled Ver)       10m long   
                15m long   
                20m long   
                25m long   
Kemppi SuperSnake (Water Cooled Ver)  10m long   
                15m long   
                20m long   
                25m long   
Kemppi RMT10 MIG Torch remote

control device fits PMT Torches.  

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