3M FLAP DISC 115mm (4.1/2″ Box of 10 ) x 40g Conical Zircomium (566A)


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3M FLAP DISC 115MM (4.1/2″ Box of 10 )  X 40G CONICAL ZIRCONIUM (566A)

Sold Per box of 10

Purchase more boxes(up to 30KG) and get same flat rate shipping charge!

3M Flap Discs are used on rotary angle grinders for stock removal and finishing applications on
mild steel – non ferrous metal and stainless steel.  Grinding and finishing by a three dimensional
cotton cloth flap disc provides a smoother cut and longer life than fibre discs.

An excellent quality product from an established manufacturer

RRP £1.84 Each disc:
Our price £1.39 plus vat Each disc:

Additional information

Weight 0.4 kg
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