The “Jasic” effect

The Giant welding equipment manufacturer “JASIC” has made a big splash in the International welding arena with the launch of it’s Inverter range of welding plant.

Who are they? -You may well ask.

Jasic is the biggest manufacturer of welding equipment in China and they have really shaken the welding world by the scruff of the neck. Jasic are producing very high quality welding inverter sets and have set the bench mark with their low prices.
Added to this, they are putting their necks on the line and offering a “5” year limited warranty instead of the industry standard 2 year warranty.
In my opinion, they have caused some of the industry giants to sit up and take notice.
Prices and options are already starting to fall into line to try and compete with Jasic.

Some of the competition are adopting tactics such as reintroducing old models of welding kit at a reduced price. I think this is good news for the industry and the end user if it brings down the cost of buying a new machine.

Check out  and take a look at their huge range of inverter based kit.
Naturally we are offering their sets for sale on our site so if you are interested in a set but can’t find it on our site it’s because we are still listing them. Please contact us and we will be happy to quote you.

Happy Welding.

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