Hitachi G12SS grinder- 115mm 240v

I’ve been a professional welder since 1989 and I use the G12SS Hitachi almost daily in my business.
Obviously there are loads of grinders out there for sale at vastly different prices so why should you buy one of these?

Hitachi G12SS Grinder

For those of you that don’t know, the diameter of the grinding disc on these grinders is 115mm.

Other variations are 100mm, 125mm, 180mm & 230mm and obviously the wattage of the motors relates to the size of the disc.

In my opinion, being the 115mm size has a few advantages over the 100mm and the 125mm. For a start, I find the 100mm too small and with not enough power for professional use. The 125mm is good but the body is starting to get too large to handle nicely in one hand so I prefer the 115mm size.

The way that the disc is mounted to the grinder is usually by means of a threaded round plate with 2 holes in it designed to be tightened or loosened by a special spanner supplied when you by a grinder.

Most makes of grinder adopt this design whereby there is a step in one side of the tightening nut which is designed so that it fits into the centre of a grinding disc and keeps the disc central when in operation. A badly mounted disc is dangerous so care needs to be taken when changing the discs. Consult the instruction booklet that will come in the box with the grinder if you are unsure how to mount these discs!!

The Hitachi G12SS has the usual pair of nuts which mount the disc except that one disc is designed to fit through the grinding disc and then into the centre of a special bush in the back nut. This is an important benefit as it means that the user is able to use the new type of very thin cutting discs that are on the market.

 Other old fashioned disc nuts relied on the user having to turn the clamping nut over and use the wrong side of it as the 2 surfaces of the clamping nuts would touch each other before the thin disc was gripped.

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