Which Auto-Darkening welding helmet?

Auto darkening helmet

 These Auto Darkening Helmets are sometimes referred to as Auto Darkening Screens or Auto Darkening Masks.

There are hundreds of helmets on the market so the choice is vast.

The general rule of thumb here for safe passage is “You get what you pay for”.  Your budget and how often you use it should also be a factor in determining which one to go for.

If you are a welder that might use a welding helmet once or twice a year then you could probably get away with a budget model and take a chance how long it lasts.

Budget models tend to cost around £30.

If you in the group of users who might go near a welder say 6 times a year then you might need something a bit better made with good components inside.

A good middle ground price would be £50-£80. Tweeco do a good example of this and also Parweld, bothe offering good value for money.

The top end of the market will have “Speedglass, Kemppi, Esab, Miller, Murex etc. These are all top quality and should give you years of service.

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