Which is the best make of welder to buy?

Kemppi Miniarc 150

That is a question that I get asked more and more these days.With a market place bursting with makes and models from all over the world it might seem daunting for a beginner to have to choose from.
I have used many Kemppi machines over the years and always found them extremely reliable and tough while able to perform in the environment that they were designed for.
I’ve been a welder ever since 1978 when I had a small arc welder for my Christmas present. Don’t get me wrong and think ” that was a strange present to give a 17 year old boy”. It was just what I had wished for and it spawned my trade and livelyhood from then onwards. “Thanks Santa”.
Some interesting facts about Kemppi:
Kemppi’s business operations which now cover the entire world are still led from the head office in Lahti, Finland. In addition to their sales and administration operation, the unit in Okeroinen has a research and product development department and modern manufacturing facility including a new electronics factory built in 2009.

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