Black Chuckka BootsDon’t spend a fortune on safety boots

We have been selling a huge range of safety footwear in our online shop for about six months.
Have a look around and you’ll see what I mean.
My trade dictates that I must wear safety boots when I am at work so I thought that I ought to wear the very boots that I sell. Of course the choice was vast so I thought the best thing to do was to wear  and thoroughly test the cheapest pair of boots in the shop.
I chose the “Tuffking” Black leather Chuka boot. It sells in our shop at an incredible £12.46 ( NO VAT).
I have worn these boots every day for the last four months and really given them a hard time. As a welder they are subjected to some pretty rough treatment and regularly get hot sparks and welding spatter over them. Also I kneel down a lot and so the toes get a pounding, rubbing over concrete floors etc. They are generous in their width fitting so they were comfortable from the start. No rubbing.

Well I can honestly say with hand on heart that they have stood the test of time remarkably. The laces have burned through a couple of times as you would expect if you were welding while wearing them.
Apart from that and a burn imprint in the sole when I stood on a piece of recently cut steel, they are in very good shape.

I don’t think that there is anything out there for the money that can match them. All the stitching is intact and the toes show no signs of wear.
The padding around the ankle is still in one piece and they are still waterproof.

What more could you ask from a pair of safety boots costing £12.46?? Check them out!

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